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Essential Tips to Consider When Renting a Storage Unit

Essential Tips to Consider When Renting a Storage Unit

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Whether you are in the process of shifting homes, moving your entire household, or need some of your less used goods to be stored, having a storage unit is essential. There can be hundreds of storage facilities within your locality that offer storage solutions. However, choosing one that best fits your needs requires some extra research. Many of them may fail to meet your requirements. Furthermore, some may be too pricey or their staff are simply not forthcoming concerning their operating procedures.

Safety and Security is Paramount

When this is your first time as a tenant to rent storage units, you must be able to determine the safety and security of the facility first. This is a vital point off consideration while pondering over the storage requirements for your valuables. Ensure that the unit has proper protection from elements such as pests, dust, moisture and other unwanted elements. To be on the safe side, select a climate controlled unit since its temperature remains constant across all weathers. Furthermore, the unit must be equipped with fire alarms and working smoke detectors to shield your valuables from fire incidences. Additionally, the entire facility should be constructed on a secure site to ensure it’s covered from natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, and earthquakes among others.

Check if the storage facility has secure fencing, with 24/7 CCTV surveillance that can be monitored remotely. In addition, there should be burglar alarm systems on the main entrances and individual units. The facility should have security personnel with strict instructions not to allow unauthorized persons. Any access to the storage units should be put under strict surveillance and monitoring. All the corners and corridors within the facility should be adequately lit to allow effective tracking of any activity.

Check Out the Rentals Costs

Besides assessing the security and safety factors, you need to determine the price of renting the storage units. Various facility offers different deals. For instance, some facilities offer deals on both renting and moving charges. When you need to rent several units, inquire if the facility offers any discounts. Never sign any agreement without prior inquiry on charges, prior deposits and make a comprehensive comparison with other different facilities. You should understand their modes of payment in advance as well as late fee payment modes.

How About Customer Service?

Besides the aforementioned points, the customer service factor is equally vital. Remember that your priced possessions and items will be in the facility’s custody. You have to be sure that they are in good hands and care. A simple phone call can tell more about the type of people you will be dealing with. The facility’s customer care executive should make you feel comfortable while talking on the phone. They need to be transparent and forthcoming with the type of answers they give you. This way you will be sure that your storage everett wa facility is dependable.

Finally, you can consider other factors such as location convenience, timings, payment in instalments, facility access through the web, cleanliness and so forth. All these may greatly influence your choice. However, if the storage facility can meet the primary requirements such as safety, security, competitive prices and customer care, you will realize immediately that other minor concerns are addressed. Now, you can be able to use these vital points to find the perfect storage solution that gives you peace of mind.



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