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Marketing Trends that Every Business Should Know

Marketing Trends that Every Business Should Know

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There have been many changes in how brands market their products as a result of changes in technology. This is especially true as it relates to the use of social media to market products. Perhaps one of the biggest trends is customization so that customers have a more personalized online experience. The amount of time consumers spend online makes this a possibility. As brands aim to attract new customers and retain existing customers, they employ digital technologies to gather data for a targeted approach to customer engagement. 

Collecting data for use in the development of strategic marketing plans helps companies deliver the right content to the right people, based on their target market. There are multiple sources from which companies can obtain data in order to achieve their marketing goals. Being able to make decisions that are data-driven, inevitably leads to increased engagement and a boost in sales. This approach is used for all marketing phases. For instance, a marijuana packaging design can be developed based on data gathered for this new and growing industry. Even as the competition grows, savvy marketers can leverage the data they gather to make informed marketing campaign decisions. Essentially, data becomes part of the creative process. 

Another trend that companies have incorporated into their advertising endeavors is content marketing. This includes the use of engaging content that’s marketed to influencers on social media. There is a lot of attention paid to storytelling in order to boost brand exposure. This also includes more attention to the human component. Specifically, marketers make a concentrated effort to engage with consumers on a deeper level in order to foster brand loyalty. Many companies leverage the expertise of psychologists to understand human behavior and build campaigns that incorporate that knowledge. 

As you have probably guessed, mobile marketing is a trend that is on the upswing and it isn’t slowing down. Given the number of consumers who use Smartphones and other mobile devices, brands understand the importance of making their websites mobile-friendly and interactive. They also use mobile apps for gamification to increase engagement as part of a marketing program that is fully integrated. 

The use of brand stories has taken the world of marketing by storm and has had a significant impact on the level of engagement that companies have with their audience. Brand stories are a proven way to make people feel more connected to brands, which ultimately results in higher brand recognition and a boost in sales. Brand stories also offer opportunities to demonstrate thought leadership and a level of expertise that consumers expect. 

There are a variety of marketing strategies used for experiential engagement, but ultimately the goal is to engender trust and consumer loyalty. Another related trend in marketing is increased transparency and authenticity that also leads to a greater level of trust. Simply put, human beings are more likely to purchase products and services when they believe the brand is honest. They want to know that the quality advertised and all other claims made are truthful.



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