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Nitrogen that is in a liquid state and is at an extremely low temperature is called liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is colorless and has no older. Two Polish physicist by the names of Zygmunt Wróblewski and Karol Olszewski were the first two people to liquify nitrogen. This process was down on April 15, 1883 at Jagiellonian University. If a person or any type of living tissue comes into contact with liquid nitrogen rapid freezing will occur. There are many different things that liquid nitrogen is used for and here are a few cryotherapy, cryogenics, and cryophorus. The removal of skin lesions such as warts and moles is called cryotherapy. When human, plant, or animal cells need to be stored at a low temperature in a laboratory this process is called cryogenics. Rapid freezing by evaporation is known as cryophorus. 

What Are The Different Nitrogen Freezers 

There are many reasons why nitrogen freezers are being used throughout the industrial industry. The most commonly used freezer across the industrial industry is a liquid nitrogen freezer. This particular freezer offers the most stable freezing environment for maintaining ultra low temperatures. The reason why nitrogen freezers are used over electric freezers is because electric freezers are not capable of maintaining temperatures. There are different types of nitrogen freezes available and one is the 150C nitrogen freezer and another one is called a vertical nitrogen freezer. The 150C freezer is the number one freezer that is used in cryopreservation. The purpose of the 150C freezer is to freeze any biological material that needs to be kept in very cold temperatures. When the living cell is stored at temperatures that run – 200C the cells go to sleep rather than die. The cells can be preserved for decades in these extremely low temperatures and they are thawed there is no degradation of the DNA. 

If the DNA was store in electric freezer the DNA would be a risk because the electric freezer can only maintain a freezing temperature of 135 C. Another type of nitrogen freezer is the vertical nitrogen freezer. This freezer is also used to maintain short-term storage. The vertical freezer does not get as cold as the tank style freezer such as the 150C nitrogen freezer. The vertical freezer is usually operated at around 80C. The vertical nitrogen freezer is utilized best to store DNA that need to be stored for the short-term. These vertical nitrogen freezers are the freezer of choice for laboratories were working samples frequently need to be accessed. 

What Types Of Companies Use Nitrogen Refrigeration 

The nitrogen refrigeration is used in many industries and as we know  it is used heavy in the research and biomedical education. The nitrogen refrigeration is starting to take off in the trucking industry as well. Truckers usually used reefer trailers to haul cold or goods they need to be refrigerated and now they have developed a new nitrogen cooling system that can be more effective for truckers for hauling cold or perishable goods. The nitrogen system offers better temperature control and cost less than a reef trailer to operate this new system for trucks is called the Boreas system. Nitrogen refrigeration will be probably used until the end of time.




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