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Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor

Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor

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Choosing the right HVAC contractor is such an important task. Not all contractors work the same. If you do your research, you can prevent the possibility of getting ripped off by a contractor that does worth that isn’t quality. What is interesting and unfortunate is that most contractors are not actually licensed, they are handymen. Handymen don’t have to have any licensing. All they need is the equipment to do the job and the ability to convince you to hire them. This article will help you choose an HVAC contractor the right way so that you end up having the best experiences possible. 

Avoid Any Contractor that Gives Bids Before Seeing the HVAC System In Person 

If your contractor is willing to give you an estimate over the phone, it is best to avoid them completely. Just like no two cars are the exact same, no two HVAC systems are the same. A good contractor would know that and therefore would never give you an estimate sight unseen. The only reasons someone would give you an estimate over the phone would be that they are inexperienced or they want your business so badly that they are willing to cut corners. It is best to avoid both of these types of contractors. 

Your Contractor Should Be Licensed 

Anytime you, speak to a contractor you should ask to see their credentials. Every expert should be properly licensed. If someone is going to be working on your gas lines or disposing of your home’s refrigerant, you need them to know that they know what they are doing. If you look at the contractor’s website they should have their licensing information clearly labeled on every page. It’s only if they do not have a full website that you may need to ask for that information. This should happen if you are looking for heating installation berthoud co, or anywhere. 

Avoid Any Contractor That Tries to Sell You The Same Model As You Currently Own 

For most people, having a contractor try to sell you the same HVAC system as a replacement for your broken one wouldn’t be a problem. However, this is a huge issue. Air conditioners last an average of ten years, some can last more than fifteen years. So, if they are selling you the exact make and model, it is brand new, but also technologically obsolete. Think back to the car example from earlier. A brand new car is so different from that same car manufactured ten years ago. If you had a choice, you would always want the newer car. You should always want the newer model. If your contractor is trying to sell you an older model HVAC system, will most likely not fit your needs. The technology in the last ten years has helped homeowners increase their energy efficiency. Your contractor should want to help you bring your home up to date. If they aren’t they most likely want to unload some of their old inventory on to you. By taking this information under advisement, you will be able to choose the right contractor for you and your home.



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