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Better Ways To Save On Heating Costs And Keep Your Furnace Running

Better Ways To Save On Heating Costs And Keep Your Furnace Running

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Winters don’t usually last long in California and freezing cold temperatures aren’t usually something you have to worry about. But still, there are days when your home or business needs the heat so you can keep yourself and others nice and warm on those colder than usual days. Proper management of your HVAC systems and other items in your home can save you repair costs on residential heating maintenance services san rafael ca. Here’s a few tips to know. 

Keep Your Thermostat At A Moderate Setting 

You never want your furnace to be working overtime whether it’s an electric or natural gas furnace, and keeping your thermostat setting no higher than it needs to be can insure that. The general recommended setting is 68 degrees, and if you have the right unit installed in your home this should be ideal. If you don’t feel quite warm enough, you may want to consider wearing wearing warmer clothing or having your home checked for other potential issues that may be preventing efficient heating. 

Make Sure There Are No Leaks For Heat To Escape 

The best way to make sure your home stays heated is to make sure there’s no way for heat to get out. This not only means having your ducts checked to make sure there’s no holes or blockages in them, but also making sure you don’t have unsealed areas of your home. You should make sure you have the proper insulation in your walls and attic, but you should also take steps to make sure cold air isn’t coming in from basement areas, chimneys, windows or other areas since cold drafts will also cause your furnace to keep turning on. Sometimes curtains can also keep heat from escaping out window cracks. 

Use A Humidifier If Necessary 

As this article explains, sometimes a little bit of moisture in the air can hold heat and give your home more sustained warm air. Moist air can also be a little more pleasant than dry air which can tend to happen when a furnace runs a lot during winter, and it can be healthier for everyone inside your home. It’s also good to have curtains or blinds open during the day for certain areas of your home so that combined with the moist air the sunlight can lower the workload on your HVAC system. Other fans in the home can also spread the heat and humidity. 

In conclusion, all of these tips can lower your heating costs a lot, but if you’re not getting enough efficient heating and saving on energy, you may need a new system. Professional technicians in San Rafael can make sure your home is equipped with the right size unit and is given one that only consumes the amount of heating energy you need. Plus they can maintain that unit when you get a maintenance plan that would include services such as duct cleaning, filter checking and thermostat checking when necessary. The bottom line is your heating costs can always be curbed when you use your system properly.



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