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How And Why Do You Need A Tax Attorney?

How And Why Do You Need A Tax Attorney?

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A tax attorney is a necessity when you have a high tax liability, when you owe the government a lot of money, and when you are being challenged. You do not want to go through an audit without an attorney present because government agents who work for the IRS will misconstrue everything you say. It is best if you have your lawyer explain why your return reads as it does, explains how you interpreted tax law, and how you plan to make it right. Your lawyer can work out a deal with the government, or they might eliminate your tax liability altogether. 

1. The Tax Attorney Must Review Everything About Your Case 

A tax attorney kansas city mo office should review your case in its entirety before they take action. They need to look over everything, and they need to let you know what they see. You have to get a good idea of how much you will need to pay, or you should ask your attorney if they need to countersue the government. This review period allows your attorney to make a plan for your defense. 

2. The Tax Attorney Will Strike A Deal With The Government 

The tax attorney will strike a deal with the government. They will let you know what your options are, and they will talk with you about setting up payment plans. You could make quarterly tax payments, or you could work out a payment arrangement that ensures the government you will pay. They need something in writing, and they will hold you to that agreement. 

3. Changes In Your Agreement 

You can make changes to your agreement when you have worked with your tax attorney. The 
tax attorney will help you make changes to the agreement when you need to make a shift in payments. They will talk to the government, and they will let you know what your options are when you need to make a change. Certain people who work for the government would never change your payment plan on their own. They will only do this if your attorney handles the case. 

4. The Audit 

You need to ask your lawyer to be present for an audit because they can explain everything that might raise flags for the government. Your lawyer explains everything, and they bring the documentation that proves their case. You never need to prove your innocence because the lawyer does that for you. You deserve to have someone in your corner, and a tax attorney is the person who supports you in this time of crisis. 

5. Conclusion 

The tax problem that you have has to be reviewed by a tax attorney. You need someone on your side who knows the law, and you must be certain that you have planned to meet your tax attorney a couple weeks in advance. Your tax attorney can review your case, and they will come to a meeting with the IRS ready to speak for you, ready to defend your position, or to help you avoid misunderstandings regarding your return.



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