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Storage Units : How To Ensure Your Possessions Are Protected

Storage Units : How To Ensure Your Possessions Are Protected

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Choosing to acquire a storage unit is one of the most convenient things to do when moving or simply relocating your valuable possessions. Although the process and price of obtaining a storage unit are relatively simple, there is a wide range of units to choose one. From climate control units that can aid in providing a protective environment for valuable collectibles to small units simple and big enough for a few cabinets full of documents. Need a little more help? Here are some of our best recommendations when choosing your next storage unit. 

Outdoor Storage Units 

Outdoor storage units are the most common and affordable units available. Most outdoor storage units bellevue wa are incredibly convenient as they offer a safe location guarded by gates and overnight securities. The only drawback to these units is that they rarely offer additional types of units other than the standard versions. There are in medium to major cities a plethora of these locations, so if you have the time and patience it pays to drive around town and take a look at the options available to you. 

Indoor Storage Units 

Indoor Storage units usually contain more features than the outdoor units we previously spoke about. These include custom climate conditions such as cooling and or heating for each unit. These storage units are the perfect location for valuable collectibles such as old baseball cards family heirlooms that need a specific environment that will not harden and chip at their natural paint. You can always ask for a tour before committing to a contract, more often than not they will grant this request 

Storage Units For Toys 

Let’s take it to another level. we’re talking about finding a storage unity big enough to house your boats, jet skis and automobiles. These are especially useful for boat owners seeking to find a safe location for their boat during the winter months. In addition, these huge storage units which can be as large as 200 square feet can also serve as a protective measure against the damaging effects of a hurricane or winter storm. 

Now, let’s get into some of the do’s and don’t when choosing a storage facility. There are a few things to look out for that can be easily researched in a matter of minutes. These can include things such as the price and availability of a walk-thru of the facility. Simple research of your area can provide you with a plethora of knowledge before even stepping into an office. The following are recommendations that can save you money and diminish the risk of damage to your property. 

Don’t Wait To The Last Minute 

Give yourself a fair amount of time when starting to look for a storage unit. The reason behind this is because of the quick fill up of these units during peak months such as the beginning of the school year or right before summer. In addition, not waiting till the last minute can provide you the ability to store your property carefully and re-evaluate what you want and don’t want to store. 

Do Keep A Detailed Inventory Of Your Possessions 

Although most storage facilities are generally safe, the fact is that you do need to be ready for the worse. Therefore, it is imperative to take detailed notes and pictures of all the stuff you are planning to store away in the unit. In addition, many storage facilities do offer their own type of insurance plans. This can be crucial as many homeowners insurance plans do not cover stored items. Simply taking the time to ask about their rates and what they cover can potentially save you from a future financial headache. 

Do Shop Around 

If you’ve planned ahead then you have the ability to shop around. We recommend walking into various facilities around town and asking about their security, insurance and any promotions going on at the moment. If you make it aware that you’re shopping around then they are more inclined to offer you the best deals in order to win your business. However, don’t be afraid to walk away, a good deal is not worth the loss of your possessions.




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