A Bird in the Hand Beats Two in a Spam

When it comes to marketing, the first thing most people think of is the internet. Maybe, because it is virtually impossible to browse the internet without seeing ads. However, before the new millennium technological explosion, marketing had been done in a way that almost everyone, whether they realize or not, is familiar with. A major marketing tool that’s been used and is still being used today is direct mail marketing.

In a nutshell, direct mail is simply a marketing effort that uses a mail service to deliver a promotional printed piece to your target audience. Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably experienced direct mail marketing and didn’t even realize it. Remember the last time you checked your mailbox and there was a book of coupons? Well, that is direct mail marketing.

Although some people tend to throw these coupons away, according to the DMA, direct mail marketing is far from dead. Even with the rise of the internet, studies have shown that the response rate to direct mail is actually higher than that of email marketing. It seems consumers still love an actual tangible advertisement as opposed to a digital one. This has been such a great concept for directly reaching a potential customer. However, with the internet being such a huge avenue for advertising, how does a business turn first-time customers into repeat customers? The answer is simple… Direct mail retargeting!

Direct mail retargeting is simply direct mail marketing to your existing customers. If you are a business owner, chances are you have created an email campaign where you send your customers coupons, offers and things of the like. And, like most business owners, there isn’t nearly as much turn return on that campaign as you would like. Much of that is due to the onslaught of emails so many people receive on a daily basis. Advertisements via the internet are so commonplace, people almost become oblivious to them. And, with the use of various ad blocker apps and spam folders, your customers may not see the offer at all.

Fortunately, one thing customers cannot avoid, at least not yet anyway, is their mail. Everyone checks their mail, whether they want to or not. And so, by sending an offer directly to your customer via their mailbox, not only are they more likely to see it, there’s a much greater chance of repeat business. The beauty of this service is that it works wherever your customer is. There is no SEO, keywords, or any astronomical fees involved. It doesn’t matter if you’re direct mail retargeting Ohio or California, this service works with very minimal effort.

Retargeting existing customers is as simple as coming up with an offer and purchasing postage. The key to this is making sure your marketing material doesn’t get tossed in the trash. Having something that stands out and is enticing to the customer is extremely beneficial. While the internet may allow you to send offers to hundreds of people instantly, there is no guarantee that those people are going to see it. However with direct mail, not only are your customers more likely to see it, but they’re also more likely to respond. As society delve’s deeper into technology, it seems the common narrative is, “More, more more.” However, sometimes less is, in fact, more. And, when it comes to direct mail marketing, it always has been and it still is.