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Keeping Energy Bills Low In Industrial Environments

Keeping Energy Bills Low In Industrial Environments

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While the primary focus of most companies is making money, it makes sense to also focus on saving money. After all, reducing expenses can have a powerful impact on the bottom line. Whether you have a position in operations or accounting, you can play a role in the reduction of energy bills in an office environment. In fact, every single employee can support energy-saving initiatives. Although it’s a matter of dollars and cents, it’s also environmentally wise. 

One of the ways to jumpstart an energy saving program is by making a commitment to turn off lights when nobody is in the room. While this might sound obvious on the surface, it’s not a practice that many people following in a business environment. People are more likely to turn off the lights at home than they are in an office. Sometimes it’s because they don’t think it affects them directly. However, that’s not the case. All personnel need to understand that being energy efficient can make the difference in whether a company is profitable or not. It can also determine if there is any money left for pay increases. If the issue of turning off the lights is communicated in a way that cultivates personal accountability, there’s a greater chance of employees participating. 

Sometimes the lights stay on because of forgetfulness, which means a simple reminder can make a difference. While some might find it irritating, posting signs near light switches is a good way to remind people to turn the lights off behind them. For instance, it’s common for employees to the leave the lights on in a conference room because they assume someone else will turn them off. A sign posted on the wall is a perfect reminder to turn the lights off. Another way to address this issue is by installing motion-activated lights. In many cases, this is the perfect solution. 

You probably won’t be surprised to know that one of the biggest ways in which energy is wasted is through the thermostat. Specifically, office thermostat wars are prevalent in just about every office around the globe. This is simply because everyone has a different preference, which means someone is bound to think it’s too hot or too cold, regardless of the temperature. The first line of defense for this issue is to work with any commercial heating east providence ri professionals who can make an assessment about whether there are any issue with the heating system. You can also have the cooling system checked out. 

To resolve the office temperature problem, you’ll need to choose an acceptable temperature and stick to it. Once this happens, you’ll probably have to allow a more relaxed dress code to accommodate the need for an extra sweater or fewer layers of clothing. Obviously a more relaxed dress code doesn’t mean a lack of professionalism. The bottom line is that everyone must be accountable and participate in efforts to reduce energy costs, even if it means maintaining a temperature of 69 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.



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