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Tank Issues That Can Cause A Stink

Tank Issues That Can Cause A Stink

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Your septic tank is an important part of your home. It’s where all of the waste and water from your home collects so that it doesn’t back up in the pipes in your home and so that it doesn’t leak in your yard. However, there are a few issues that can occur with the tank that could require repairs if they get out of hand. 

When you discover that you need a septic tank repairs North Port FL company, you need to find one that is reputable and that has all of the proper hoses and other equipment needed to fix the tank. If there are issues that can’t be repaired, then you need to consider having another tank installed because most cities require at least one tank for each home instead of waste products seeping into the ground. You can sometimes walk around your yard to try to find out if there is any kind of leak or if the issue is inside or underneath your home and is resulting in a significant issue with the tank. ‘ 

Some septic repairs can be prevented if you take the time to care for your plumbing system. When lines get clogged and your tank doesn’t seem to want to collect anything else, then consider what you’re putting down the drains. Avoid putting any kind of grease down your sink drains. This can congeal and block the proper flow of water through the lines. Avoid putting large amounts of toilet paper in your toilet as the paper can easily create a significant clog. This is one of the main reasons as to why septic tanks begin to back up, especially if you aren’t using paper that’s safe for your septic system

If you have trees in your yard, then the roots can cause damage to the tank that can result in repairs. The roots can also break through the pipes in your yard if they don’t reach the tank itself. However, if the roots do get into the tank, then the waste products that are inside can begin to seep to the surface of the ground. Sometimes, the ground can slightly shift and result in cracks that develop in the area where your septic tank is located. The tank might need to be emptied more often, and water that seeps into the ground can enter the tank, which is another reason as to why the tank might need to be emptied more often. If there are large vehicles that drive through your yard, then the weight of them can begin to deteriorate the tank, especially the lid. Once that is damaged, then you can begin to notice odors outside from the tank and a shift in where the tank is located. This can easily result in waste reaching the surface of the ground. A septic company can examine the area where the tank is located to determine if a repair can be made or if you might be required to have a new tank and lines installed.




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