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On Renovating Your Commercial Kitchen

On Renovating Your Commercial Kitchen

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If your business has a kitchen that needs renovating, there are some things you need to keep in mind when doing so. If you hire a contractor to do the work, make sure they have done commercial kitchens in the past. This is important because there are certain things that need to be put into a commercial kitchen that normal home kitchens do not need. Special ventilation and fire suppression systems need to be installed and your work areas need to have adequate coverage to protect them from contamination. A professional who has done this type of work will know exactly what needs to be put in. 

Hiring A Contractor For Kitchen Renovation Work 

When you look for a contractor, you should research them online prior to signing a contract with them. If they have a website, check to see what other projects they have worked on and how it looks. You can also check for customer recommendations in order to find out how the work went. The contractor should be able to work at your convenience since most businesses will not be able to close their kitchens for any length of time. Make sure that your contract states the approximate time that it will take to complete the job and have your contractor stick to that schedule. Get several estimates for the work and sign a contract with the one that is able to do all of the renovations that you need in the shortest period of time. 

What Should Be Renovated 

When deciding on what you want to change in your kitchen, think about how the work will flow after it is done. You want your staff to be able to move freely about the space without tripping over each other. There should be separate areas for the preparation of the food, the cooking area and refrigeration spots. Your dish washing and storage areas should be placed close enough to be grabbed quickly but far enough away so it is not dirtied by the cooking. The ceilings in your kitchen will also need special consideration. Many of the newer kitchens that are being installed are using any Restaurant Drop Ceiling Solution panels that can easily be removed one at a time and cleaned or replaced. These panels are made with a special finish so that they resist any buildup of grease from your cooking area. The cost to have these installed is minimal and they are much better to use than a sheet rock ceiling. 

When getting your commercial kitchen renovated, you should try to work with your contractor on doing some of it while you are still using the kitchen. They can work in specific areas at a time so that the work can still go on. If you find you need to close your kitchen, make sure that you let your patrons know about it well in advance. You don’t want them to show up one day to have a meal and you are closed. Most people will not have a good feeling about that and you may lose customers because of it.



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