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How to Properly Dose Marijuana Edibles

How to Properly Dose Marijuana Edibles

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The rise in legalized cannabis medicinally and recreationally. Many new-comers and regular consumers of cannabis don’t know how to dose edibles. With the rise in legalization there has been regulations put onto edibles and their dosage. Compared to home-made edibles, the precision of edible dosage in legalized states are much more precise. 

After purchasing an marijuana edible from a dispensary or recreational club, it is important to read the instructions. Edibles  on the legal market are required to show the amount of THC content. The standard one serving is considered 10mg. If you are not a regular user of cannabis this is a good dosage to start with. Someone can always eat more, but can’t eat less. And while anyone consuming a marijuana edible will want the intended effects, consuming too much can cause a bad time. While 10mg might not be a lot to some people, to others this can be a strong dosage. 

Before consuming the edible consider your tolerance and past marijuana experiences. If you are a regular consumer of cannabis, then a higher dose might be in order. But if you haven’t had experience with marijuana, and specifically edibles in a long time take dosing slow. Don’t over estimate the edible strength. 

Being patient is very important with edibles. They can take anywhere from 30 minutes to up to 2 hours to kick in. So re-dosing with edibles 45 minutes to an hour after eating is a common mistake a lot of people do. Just because it hasn’t kicked in yet doesn’t mean it isn’t working or not enough. Often times it just hasn’t had time to come into effect. Also keep in mind that edibles generally build in effects. While you may feel effects 1 hour in, it could be another hour or two until you have reached the peak effects of the edible. 

Eating edibles on an empty stomach can cause the effects to kick in faster, also if planning on mixing edibles with alcohol, the effects can compound. So dose appropriately with these things in mind. Edibles, while portable, are best consumed somewhere comfortable. Especially if it’s your first time, or you are planning on taking a large dose. For example if visiting a recreationally legal state for the first time for something like marijuana edibles denver co, it’s best to be in a comfortable setting, with friendly people. Planning ahead is best when it comes to consuming edibles. That will help relieve any form of stress or anxiety with the edibles. Allowing you to enjoy the experience. 

Edibles can be very enjoyable, and one of the healthiest and user-friendly ways to consume cannabis. With that said there is some downsides compared to other forms of consumption. Such as the wait time, and the potency of the edible. But with some thought prior to consumption, and general responsibility when enjoying cannabis, can alleviate the majority of these concerns. Overall edibles are a great, easy way to consume cannabis, whether that be recreationally or medicinally.



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